External Funding Proposal Application
These requests must be from an organization that is NOT: MathSoc, club/affliate of MathSoc, Faculty of Math, Orientation.
Full Name *

Organization Name and Your Position *

Title and Description of Proposal *

Initiative Time Frame *

Please enter the time frame during which you expect your initiative to take place:
i.e. January 1 - June 30, 20XX.
Total Cost *

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Will you accept partial funding for your proposal? *

Budget/Outline of costs *

Please submit a budget for your proposed initiative, and provide as many details as possible supporting the costs.
To your knowledge, is this the first time a request has been made to fund this project? *

What are the benefits to MathSoc or students under Math Faculty? *

Other source of funding?

Please list any additional sources of funding sought from other organizations to fund your proposed initiative (both requested and confirmed/secured).
(i.e. sponsorship, endowment funds and Feds)
Promotion of project *

How will MathSoc members know of the project and the results? How will MathSoc be acknowledged?
Any additional information you would like to provide?

If there are any additional files that you find appropriate to support your proposal, please send them directly to mathsocvpf@gmail.com (EFC_Application_Firstname_Lastname).
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