Capital Improvements Fund (Special Projects) Proposal Application
CIF's purpose is to allocate funding for improvements to Math students' spaces, including MathSoc office, Math CnD, club/affiliate offices and Orientation
Full Name *

Quest ID *

(i.e. a23lee, not student number)
Affiliation *

What's your affiliation with MathSoc?
Description of Capital Investment Plan *

Please include the following information about your project: the goal of the project, how it will be managed, experience or expertise to carry out the project, ways to meet and track the expected results, etc.
Total cost *

How much funding does your initiative need?
Will you accept partial funding for your proposal? *

Budget/Outline of costs *

Please provide as many details as possible supporting the costs such as quotes, projections, etc.
Initiative Time Frame *

Please enter the time frame during which you expect your initiative to take place:
i.e. January 1 - June 30, 20XX.
Other source of funding?

Please list any additional sources of funding sought from other organizations to fund your proposed initiative (both requested and confirmed).
Promotion and Benefits of Project *

How will MathSoc members know of the project and the results?
How do you plan to acknowledge MathSoc's contribution?
How does the project benefit MathSoc?
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